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Looking ahead...

And I'm feeling rejuvenated after the short trip.

Nothing could make me happier receiving this message from a 'notorious' student...

"I believe you cos you are the best teacher I've ever had. :)"

And yet another from a nonchalant student...

"Thank you, I will always remember you Ms Lim."

It really warms my heart, not because of the praises they had of me. More so, of the correct sentence structures without any grammatical error in those short sentences. The former used the present perfect correctly, while the latter used the future tense aptly.

So finally they are putting to use what I've been trying to teach them for the past two years.

And mind you, we're talking about kids we can't differentiate a singular noun from a singular verb.

For e.g. I is a boy. I like eating grape.

It was these two messages and a few others that brightened up the seemingly boring and dull day today. A full day of staff meeting with expectations and directions set for the new year ahead.

I'm definitely looking forward to the new year and the new tasks allocated to me. And I also know that I'll be setting high targets for myself to meet too.

Here's to 2009!

For the past two years of my career, I've slogged very hard, waiting for this very day to come.

And oh well, I love surprises!

I am a perfectionist - what I'd wanted to achieve was far from the truth revealed today.

I had initially aimed for 100% passes, but 1 student failed.

But I am not very sad, after all I believe that she had put in effort. Though she is very weak academically, I believe she must have tried her best. And I'm proud of her.

Nothing beats having your superiors come up to you, giving you pats on the back and saying "Well Done!"

I know it's not my credit alone, but I really take pride in this bunch of kids. Naughty as they are, finally, they've done themselves justice.

Nothing beats, too, having the kids, themselves, come up to me and thank me with sincerity.

It could well be the last time I'm seeing some of them, but I know that I've been someone special in their lives.

How I wish that they would know the kind of impact they had on my lives too, being the first batch of students I've taught, we've had so much fun together. Most importantly, they've taught me to persevere despite all odds...

I'm very happy. And I'm glad that I've chosen the career I'm so in love with now... (or at least for now...)


Sometimes I wonder what age am I living in? Or rather, how long could I remain oblivious to the on-goings around me?

I guess I'm the only one in my circle of friends who doesn't use Facebook. To top it up, I don't understand what it does, much to say the jargons e.g. Someone has poked you...


Oh well, I'm not exactly a frog in the well. At least I have a Facebook Account. One which I've forgotten my password to, one which is a sleeping account.

And today, I logged into the account, and awaiting me are so many requests and so many messages to which I replied to none. C'mon, I believe in personal touch rather than a touch through digital or virtual means.

And I was so amused by its' functions as opposed to be the now-ousted Friendster.

Just like how we used to use ICQ eons ago, and when Messenger comes along, Ta-da!

Is there anything new I should know?

Gosh, where have I been?

Nov. 26th, 2008

I am feeling so bored. Nothing to do. Sitting at the sofa... could have watched TV, but decided the programmes were too boring.

Was playing PSP but decided that I've gotten enough of it.

Kept looking out at the pools. Wondering if I should go for a swim.

But above all, I feel so blessed.

Is this the life of a home-maker? Wake up to see the hubz get ready for work, then laze around, have breakfast... and then wait for him to come back home.

I love it when the hubz returns home. He will call out to me loudly, and I will appear out of nowhere. Sometimes hiding to give him a surprise, on other times, he'll find me in the kitchen.

We'll then give each other a very long hug and kiss. It feels so nice to be hugged after not seeing him for one whole day.

Anyway that's not going happen anytime soon. It's barely 10.40 in the morning.

Best part is that I'm missing Boracay. Had so much fun over there that I'd never forget it!

The photographs we've taken don't seem to give much justice to that beautiful place.

The very famous Willy Rock in Boracay.

And the pretty White Sands Beach. Look at the whole stretch of white sands. (photo really doesn't do much justice)

Us - at the end of the day, sunburnt!

To all who have sent their congrats yet again - Yes I am enjoying it! Thanks!

A Pair of Elephants

Here's a nice change. It puts a smile on my face when the journal loads.

The elephant will never be alone. It will always have the significant other to accompany her. In their own green pasture.

Aren't the elephants cute?

Marriage Life

Everyone whom I meet nowadays seems to have only one question in their head.

How is marriage life for you?

This is interestingly surprising for me as I have not really given much thought to it.

The hubz and I were going, "Seriously, how long have we been married?" "Three weeks?" "Only? Well, it seems like 3 years to me already."

I rolled my eyes at him.

I remember msging some of my friends asking them if they had felt any difference after their marriage because I've felt none. No difference at all. We still do the silliest stuff together, the same activities, the same lifestyle and of course the occasional squabbles.

And the honeset truth is that I do feel a lil' bit lost without him around.

To answer everybody's question then,

I am enjoying my marriage so far. It's good coming home to know that someone special is waiting to welcome you with opened arms. It's good sleeping beside someone whose smell you have acquired. It's fun whipping up dishes together.

The only thing I have to get used to is reminding myself that my world doesn't just centre around me. Whatever decision I make, I have to take someone else into consideration.

Oh yes, I am still not used to telling others that I'm married, and colleagues have started calling me by my husband's name. Not used to saying that he's my husband even more.

Perhaps marriage is just an upgrade of status. From girlfriend and boyfriend to wife and husband. That's about it.

And the honeymoon to Boracay was indeed wonderful. Just both of us for company in a completely unventured place.

The place is perfect for honeymooners. My colleagues also mentioned that I seemed to be glowing in those photos taken. Oh well, what could I have asked for? The hubz, beautiful scenery, white sands, good weather...

I feel so blessed suddenly.



How many times have you waivered after making an important decision?

How many times have you looked back and regret doing something?

How many times have you shrunk away from responsibilities?

How many times have you felt that perhaps everything is wrong?

How many times have you doubt if she/he is the One?

Not many, but when it comes, it can be overwhelming.


The first time I walked in, I did so with a long sullen face. No smiles, nothing, just a stern facade.

I picked on them, and I gave them the no-nonsense look. I almost flew into rages everyday. I knew the reason why others have despised them and I couldn't agree more with the reason.

And for two whole months, I thought I was fighting a losing battle.


I didn't know what won them over. I didn't know when it started.

I drew closer to them, and so did they to me. Suddenly, I became an elder sister to them. All cooperated with me, except on a few occasions when their temper got the better of them.

I think I have touched my kids. I think I have made an impact in their lives.

Last year for teachers' day celebrations, they surprised me with a small party. This class has always been nonchalant towards school events, and for them to organise that, it simply meant that they appreciate me. I nearly cried when I walked into the classroom.

That was one year ago. 1 year 8 months later, they are all going to graduate soon.

We've come so far together, through all the ups and downs. So much that I feel I've become part of the class. I've grown so attached to them that when they get themselves into trouble, I will definitely jump to their defence.

And for teachers' Day celebrations this year, I have the best present ever. Those boys who would never turn up for school functions like this, actually were present on this very day!

The boys who always call themselves the 'Rascal Gang' gave me a card, and written on the envelope was "From the Naughty Boys". I was really touched. I have never expected this group of boys who are gangster-like in mannerism to give me a card.

Once again, they surprised me with their party. If last year's party was good, this year was even better. Home-cooked food. Cake with my name on it. Bubbly drinks. And all of them came down just to escort me back to their class for the celebration. I was touched. Really touched.

My little boys and girls have all grown up. I am really happy for them. Happy that they have grown in not only maturity but also wisdom.

Even before today, I already had my best present ever. This boy who is always very rude and defiant towards teachers started creating a ruckus shouting at another teacher during lesson, and after trying to no avail to cool him down, I sent him down to the Office. After lesson, I approached him, thinking that he would be very angry with me. Instead what I saw and heard definitely was the best present for any teacher. He apologised and he said, "Miss Lim, of all the teachers, I respect you the most. Sorry, I didn't know why I shouted at you just now. I am very angry with myself."

If I could, I would have hugged him and said, "Shhh, it's alright now, my boy..." But of course, I had to put up a facade and said, "I'm very proud of you Andy."

What more could I ask for? A class of kids, who are not well-to-do, has come up with $3 each for the party. A class of kids, who are always fighting, has been so sweet towards me. Even Dan, the boy whom I thought I would never be able to touch, always talks about me to his family.

My only regret is that I was not able to touch all my kids.

I have this student who blatantly told me that he hates me. He once wrote, "I think you're not fit to be a teacher." And his aunt also agreed, "When I first saw you, I know that you are not fit to be a teacher."

I was really affected. I know that I have lost him.

But like what Bee says, I will never be able to touch all.

I have never felt so happy before. Really.

And this is the wonder of education - knowing that you have touched their lives.

those were the days

i really miss those days...

Those days of living in the disillusioned.
what doesn't kill you will make you stronger