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Reflections of a teacher...

Just the other day, I read an article about the teaching profession with much anticipation. The headline was definitely eye-catching, at least to me, because it went something like "pay teachers more" or somewhere along this line...

This educator was talking about the teaching profession and what it entails. I could totally comprehend where she was coming from and her wish for all teachers. One thing though, I couldn't fathom was that she mentioned that Singapore teachers are paid relatively well. Eh, something that made me wince and whine.

This I beg to differ. My peers are definitely getting much more than what I'm drawing. Yes, of course, I'm drawing a decent salary. But comparatively, I have peers who are earning twice as much as I am, just because they are in the private sector. I work as hard as them, if not harder. Oh well, that's taking into account my marking over the weekend, administrative duties etc. And if you entertain clients after work, I too, entertain my students after curriculum hours.

The hubz often teases me about my meagre pay. It's really a pay I can hardly get by now that I have a family to think of. And for your information, I am still working during my confinement period!

But the hubz know that I'm proud of my profession. I'm proud to be a teacher. Nevermind about the pay, of course, I wouldn't mind a better pay though.

Teachers' Day was definitely a day where I received my due recognition. For one, I didn't receive any gifts at all. Not a single card too. I was confined at home on the day itself. But it's the little messages I received that gave me goosebumps all over, at times almost close to tears.

One particular message went:
A very happy teacher day to you andy here i am very lucky to have a teacher like you even some time you scold me i do still respect you in this 10 years of mine studying you are the most respectable teacher in my view as i heard u are not in school so i cant visit you heard you are going to give birth soon do rest well lastly happy teacher days

This was how the exact message went. No punctuation, with lots of grammatical errors. But above all these, it's a message I hold dear to my heart. I was so touched that I teared upon receiving the message. He was an ex-student who was very rude and defiant to all teachers. When he first heard I was pregnant, he sent me his well-wishes. I happened to teach his sister this year too, and I heard from her that he's told her to respect me and to learn from me becaues I am a good teacher. *blush*

I guess that this is what teaching is all about - touching lives. Showing them that you care. And I guess that I have made a difference this this bunch of kids, kids whom others have given up on, but I persevered to show them that I truly care. I didn't do much, but stood by them when they needed support.

Heard from my colleagues that my form class made a video tribute for me, which was played in the whole school. Too bad, I have not had the chance to see it yet. After which, the class msged me to tell me that I've won the Caring Teacher Award.

Honestly, the award is but just a bonus. What matters to me is the heartfelt thoughts of these kids. Their well wishes and their appreciation of me.

Suddenly, I feel as if the meagre pay is all so worth it. Because this is a kind of satisfaction I will never get from another profession. The kind that will make you smile in fondness and makes you feel proud to tell others that you are a TEACHER!

I miss my students so much!!

Eh, I think I am prouder to be a teacher than to be a mother. Oopsie!



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